Some screenshots can contain personal or sensitive information that should not be shared with anyone. You have to remove or hide it from screenshot before uploading or sharing of capture.

So how to remove personal information from screenshot fast?

Grabilla 1.19 introduces new feature called redaction dialog. This is (very) simple image editor for captured screenshots. You can check full redaction dialog manual here. To hide personal information you need to select 6. Filled square element and just cover all sensitive information with it.
Before uploading, all edits will be merged to picture, so it is not possible to recover it from uploaded screenshot. Your information it 100% safe.

In new version redaction dialog launched by default before uploading screenshots to our server. Most time it is not needed, so we added Disable checkbox to it.
If you want to launch redaction dialogue only when required, you can set it as alternative action as described here.

Alternative action can be launched by pressing Alt key when taking screenshot with Grabilla.

Please check other platforms downloads

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