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My Grabillas update – My Comments and Shared with me
Good day. We have just added new useful feature to My Grabillas page. This is additional filters to grabillas list. Read each filter description below. My Grabillas This is your captures history, grabillas that you make. My comments This is list with grabillas that you have commented. Comments can be added to annotations on screenshots. Shared with me This is grabillas that you have visited (not yours). This list ...more»
Grid view for My Grabillas
Good day. We have just released new GRID view for My Grabillas (your screenshots and uploads history). You can switch views any time with simple selector in top right corner. Your feedback are welcome. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
How to find your captures history
Your screenshot and screencast captures history. Where's my grabillas? If you are looking for your captures history - follow this link That's all. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
How to see history of images or videos I’ve grabbed?
By default all the screenshots and videos that you captured are uploaded to our server and stored locally in your My Documents folder. Local captures history You can find this folder (Windows 7) here: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Grabilla Captures\ Where %USERNAME% is name of your Windows 7 Account. Access local captures history from preferences Another way to locate it is Grabilla preferences (featured in 1.15 version): To open folder with ...more»