By default all the screenshots and videos that you captured are uploaded to our server and stored locally in your My Documents folder.

Local captures history

You can find this folder (Windows 7) here:
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Grabilla Captures\

Where %USERNAME% is name of your Windows 7 Account.

Access local captures history from preferences

Another way to locate it is Grabilla preferences (featured in 1.15 version):

Captured with Grabilla

To open folder with all you screenshots click on link Local captured files folder, Grabilla will close and open this folder in Windows Explorer.

Another way to access your local captures folder is to use Tray button. Press right mouse button and select Local captured files folder.

Web captures history

To locate your web captures history, please visit My Grabillas page, where you can find all your Grabillas and delete them if you want.

Google Chrome My Grabillas extension for web captures history

You can install this useful Google Chrome extension called My Grabillas History for faster access to My Grabillas.

Another way to access your web screen captures history is to use Tray button. Press right mouse button and select My Grabillas (web history).

Please check other platforms downloads

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