When it comes to web pages capturing, screenshot doesn’t seems to work sometimes. You may need to be able to copy a text from webpage, or copy piece of text from website, so screenshot won’t help in this case.

Most useful solution for this is web capturing bookmarklet, it allows you to capture any part of webpage, or even entire page, and save it somewhere. This web capture can be saved at your computer locally, but this is not very useful when you want to quickly share your recent finding with your friends on Facebook.

We have created a useful tool for this that combines simplicity of Grabilla with usability of web-capturing: Grabilla Web Capture Bookmarklet.

You do not have to download or install anything, this is bookmarklet which means that you can add it as bookmark to your bookmarks bar in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and launch it by click on that bookmark. To read more about bookmarklets please visit this Wikipedia link.

So if you want to install this bookmarklet you need to do few simple steps:

  1. Make sure you use Firefox or Chrome browser.
  2. Make your bookmarks bar visible like on picture. Press Ctrl+Shift+B on keyboard.
    How to make your bookmarks bar visible... Press Ctrl+Shift+B on keyboard.
  3. Drag and drop bookmarklet from below to your bookmarks bar.

Grabilla Web Capture ← Drag this bookmarklet to bookmarks bar.

This is how it should look after installation.
This screen capture was created and uploaded with Grabilla: 2013-08-01 18:35:20
Now you can launch it by simply clicking on it.

Here’s 30 seconds video of bookmarklet installation

Google Chrome extension for Grabilla Web Capture

If you use Google Chrome browser, you can check this browser extension that we created. It use the same functionality of bookmarklet, but it can be launched directly from Chrome, not from bookmarks.

Google Chrome – Grabilla Web Capture bookmarklet.