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Grabilla 1.25
Grabilla - instant screenshot free software. Grabilla 1.25 release Friday 13 - bugfix and libraries refresh version. Grabilla 1.25 changelog 2015-11-13 (ver 1.25) Download Grabilla Now! * Fixed login with Facebook and Google+. * Fixed animated GIF occasional crash. * Qt libs updated to 5.5.1 version, improves Windows 10 stability. * Minor fixes for stability. * Signed installer and executable files with certificate. Grabilla 1.25 changelog * Fixed login with ...more»
Grabilla 1.24.1
Qt 5 + Windows 10 + ffmpeg N-75746-g84b4998 Grabilla 1.24.1 changelog 2015-10-19 (ver 1.24.1) Download Grabilla 1.24.1 Now! * Fixed hotkey launch from tray. * Fixed bug when your edits was lost when saving screenshot locally. Grabilla 1.24 changelog 2015-10-02 (ver 1.24) + Windows 10 compatibility. + Migration from Qt 4 to Qt 5. ! Video encoding with ffmpeg to H.264. WMV format support dropped. * Scroll capture fixes. * Remote desktop ...more»
Upcoming release announce – mp4 video codec and Win 10 compatibility
We are happy to inform that upcoming release is almost ready. We have done a lots of improvement and bug fixes for upcoming 24 version.
Grabilla GDaaS – Google Drive as a Storage
Good day. Check out our new cool feature: Grabilla with GDaaS - Google Drive as a Storage. Grabilla with Google Drive as a storage Right now you can activate this feature and store your captured grabillas (screenshots, videos, uploaded files) in connected Google Drive. Visit Grabilla Market and activate this feature now. Grabilla GDaaS – Google Drive as a Storage -— Grabilla Capture ...more»
Screenshot tagging and filtering
Good day. We have just released long awaited feature - tags for grabillas! They can be accessed by visiting My Grabillas page - in right column you will see new block with your tags. Any grabilla can be tagged by dragging and dropping it on tags in right block! You will see confirmation message for this action. You can collapse this ...more»
Audio comments to grabillas
Good day. We released new wonderful feature - voice commenting of your grabillas. Now author of grabilla can add voice comment to it. Very useful when you need to explain something. You do not have to write long explanations - now you can just talk about your screenshot! Feature description Only author can add voice comments. (For now, we think about adding audio discussions later) First ...more»
My Grabillas update – My Comments and Shared with me
Good day. We have just added new useful feature to My Grabillas page. This is additional filters to grabillas list. Read each filter description below. My Grabillas This is your captures history, grabillas that you make. My comments This is list with grabillas that you have commented. Comments can be added to annotations on screenshots. Shared with me This is grabillas that you have visited (not yours). This list ...more»
Grabilla on Amazon
Good day. If you are Amazon user, you can install Grabilla from Amazon absolutely free. We have added Grabilla Screenshot Android version to Amazon Appstore for Android. Feel free to download and try. Product Details ASIN: B00OZCHFBQ Release Date: October 31, 2014 Rated: Guidance Suggested This app may include dynamic content. What's this? Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #57,184 ...more»
Grabilla screenshot Safari extension
Good day. Grabilla has expanded its presence once more and now we are happy to announce Safari extension for screenshot capture - Grabilla screenshot Capture extension for Safari. It can capture screenshot of web page, or scroll entire page and capture everything. And it can even capture HTML parts too! Screenshot made with Grabilla ...more»
Grabilla iOS on the App Store on iTunes
Good day. We are happy to announce Grabilla iOS release to iTunes AppStore. Take a look: This is initial release so we will be happy to hear your feedback. Grabilla iOS has simple functionality - it can upload screenshots, photos and videos to Grabilla server, get a link to webpage with uploaded file. Users can access their My Grabillas history on website. Currently ...more»
Grabilla 1.23 MacOS X
Good day. We just updated MacOS X version of Grabilla. Grabilla MacOS X 1.23 changelog 22.10.14 + Installer for Grabilla MacOS X. * Redaction dialog elements fixes. * Active window screenshot capture fix. * Open last grabilla from tray fix. * Small Retina display fixes. * Local save folder changed. Take screenshot on Mac with Grabilla - download it now! ...more»
Market features descriptions
Good day. We have launched Grabilla Market, where you can buy advanced features to Grabilla. Here's features description: Security geek This is really useful feature if you want to be 100% sure that no one will see your screenshot without your approval. You can protect screenshot with password and give it only to those who need access. Each user has 10 free passwords ...more»
Grabilla 1.23
Grabilla - instant screenshot free software. Grabilla 1.23 release Window scroll capture version. Grabilla 1.23 changelog 2014-09-19 (ver 1.23) Download Grabilla Now! + Scroll Capture - new feature for capturing screenshots in applications with window scroll - click on a link to view manual. ! Video capture under Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 fix. * Minor fixes for stability. * Signed installer and executable files with certificate. Scroll capture ...more»
Grid view for My Grabillas
Good day. We have just released new GRID view for My Grabillas (your screenshots and uploads history). You can switch views any time with simple selector in top right corner. Your feedback are welcome. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
Grabilla MacOS X – retina display fix
Grabilla 1.22 MacOS X fix We have just updated MacOS X version of our screenshot capture application Grabilla. Grabilla 1.22 changelog 2014-07-28 (ver 1.22) Download Grabilla MacOS X Now! ! Retina display screenshot capture fix. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
Grabilla 1.22
Grabilla - instant screenshot free software. Grabilla 1.22 release This is bugfix release - fixed login bug. Grabilla 1.22 changelog 2014-07-04 (ver 1.22) Download Grabilla Now! SSL bug fixes that prevent users from login in application. My Grabillas user history was not affected. Bug fixes related to animated gif capture. Post by Grabilla - screenshot and screencast software. Grabilla 1.22 release. This is bugfix release – fixed ...more»