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Upload file size limits increased
Good day. We have just raised upload limits for all file types. New file upload limits is: Audio - 64 Mb, Image - 32 Mb, Video - 512 Mb, Web capture - 8 Mb, Other file type - 64 Mb. ...more»
How to share video that was saved locally?
Want to share video that you have saved locally? Where and how upload it? You have captured some nice screencast, saved it locally, added voice comments, may be edited it and now you want to share prepared video with your friends. You need to upload your local video file to Grabilla now. Video uploading and sharing can be done in two ways ...more»
Upload limit raised to 20 Mb
Good day. We have raised upload limit from 5Mb to 20Mb. Now you can upload and share much bigger files and archives instantly. Video upload still limited to 300Mb per file. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
How to capture video of my desktop?
How to capture video of your desktop with your voice comments. You can capture video of your desktop activities with Grabilla - give it a try. To capture video you need to check Video mode checkbox and after that Grabilla will capture video instead of static picture. You need to select desired area for video capturing or you can capture screencast of ...more»
How to quickly share screencast or video?
How to quickly share screencast or video captured with Grabilla This is very simple task. After capturing video or screencast and pressing Stop button you will see simple window with two options: Upload to server or Save to file. You can select Upload to server, wait until your video upload is finished and then you will get a link to page with your ...more»