Where to download Grabilla Capture app?

Google Play Store It can be downloaded from Google Play applications store from this link.

Grabilla capture app main screen

Check annotation comments to find out what different buttons do.

  • Take a photo button allows you to take a photo and upload it to Grabilla.
  • Take a video button allows you to record a video and upload it to Grabilla.
  • Pick an image button allows you to select an image from gallery and upload it to Grabilla.
  • Upload list button brings you to second screen with uploads list.
  • Keep in gallery checkbox when selected allows you to keep captured grabillas in standard phone gallery.














Upload list screen

Here you can manage your uploads, share or delete them.

  • You can click on upload in progress to cancel it and remove from history.
  • Each uploaded item has a button for instant sharing.
  • Uploaded items can be shared, viewed in browser or deleted from history.












Upload list context menu

You can Share link, View link in browser or Delete it from history.













Grabilla Capture notifications

When uploading images or videos, Grabilla app provide you with notifications in notification area that allow you to quickly open Upload list or share a link to uploaded grabilla.

Context menu sharing

You can share images from standard Android context menu You can share any image from gallery with standard Android context sharing menu.
You will receive a confirmation dialogue before sharing, so you won’t share anything accidentally.

My Grabillas history

If you want to be able to see your capture in My Grabillas history on website, you must open captured picture or video with your browser on your smartphone. You can do this from context menu on Upload list screen. Click on any picture, and select Open link on browser in context menu.