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Protected: How to launch video record from web page?
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Grabilla 1.24.1
Qt 5 + Windows 10 + ffmpeg N-75746-g84b4998 Grabilla 1.24.1 changelog 2015-10-19 (ver 1.24.1) Download Grabilla 1.24.1 Now! * Fixed hotkey launch from tray. * Fixed bug when your edits was lost when saving screenshot locally. Grabilla 1.24 changelog 2015-10-02 (ver 1.24) + Windows 10 compatibility. + Migration from Qt 4 to Qt 5. ! Video encoding with ffmpeg to H.264. WMV format support dropped. * Scroll capture fixes. * Remote desktop ...more»
Upcoming release announce – mp4 video codec and Win 10 compatibility
We are happy to inform that upcoming release is almost ready. We have done a lots of improvement and bug fixes for upcoming 24 version.
Grabilla 1.23
Grabilla - instant screenshot free software. Grabilla 1.23 release Window scroll capture version. Grabilla 1.23 changelog 2014-09-19 (ver 1.23) Download Grabilla Now! + Scroll Capture - new feature for capturing screenshots in applications with window scroll - click on a link to view manual. ! Video capture under Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 fix. * Minor fixes for stability. * Signed installer and executable files with certificate. Scroll capture ...more»
How to capture video of my desktop?
How to capture video of your desktop with your voice comments. You can capture video of your desktop activities with Grabilla - give it a try. To capture video you need to check Video mode checkbox and after that Grabilla will capture video instead of static picture. You need to select desired area for video capturing or you can capture screencast of ...more»