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Grabilla 1.23 release

Window scroll capture version.

Grabilla 1.23 changelog

2014-09-19 (ver 1.23) Download Grabilla Now!

+ Scroll Capture – new feature for capturing screenshots in applications with window scroll – click on a link to view manual.
! Video capture under Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 fix.
* Minor fixes for stability.
* Signed installer and executable files with certificate.

Scroll capture manual

We want to introduce new feature in Grabilla – scrolling window capture. It allows to capture scrolling in any window like Excel, Skype, browser, etc. and create long screenshot with all captured information.

How it works

You have to launch Grabilla, select Scroll Capture in Grabilla selector, select area to capture and press Start.
Then you can scroll window under selected area and it will be captured and stitched together to single screenshot. It can be uploaded to our server or saved to your local disk.


Videos, static elements, animations, scrollbars can’t be captured.

Please check other platforms downloads

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