Mac OS X version of Grabilla – Screen Capture Application

Take screenshot on MacOS X with Grabilla!

Now you can take screenshot on Mac with Grabilla and enjoy instant screenshot capture and sharing capability.

You can access your created captures in My Grabillas section of site.

Click here to download MacOS X version of Grabilla Click here to download MacOS X version of Grabilla - screen capture software.


Grabilla MacOS X 1.23 changelog 22.10.14

  1. + Installer for Grabilla MacOS X.
  2. * Redaction dialog elements fixes.
  3. * Active window screenshot fix.
  4. * Open last grabilla fix.
  5. * Small Retina display fixes.
  6. * Local save folder changed.

Grabilla MacOS X 1.22 changelog 18.5.14

We have just updated Mac OS X version of Grabilla Capture application. Now it can capture animated gifs!

Please send your feedback here.

  1. ! Retina display fix! Now Grabilla will capture screenshots on retina display on MacBook Pro.
  2. + Animated gif capture – new feature.
  3. * Faster launch and more stable work.
  4. * Bugfixes, and minor fixes.

Grabilla MacOS X 1.21 changelog 20.1.14

  1. Fix bug with removing grabilla tray from login items.

Grabilla MacOS X 1.20 changelog 17.1.14

  1. Fix bug with hiding floating button while some app launch;
  2. Fix bug with huge font sizes;
  3. Add tray auto-run after Grabilla’s launch (depending on corresponding setting);
  4. Fix bug with blue points on capture;
  5. Fix bug with incorrect text in Grabilla’s settings;
  6. Customize Grabilla’s capture folder icon.

We have tested Grabilla on MacOS X 10.7 and 10.8; MacOS X 10.9 untested yet.
Virus Free!


As this is our beta release, we will be grateful for your detailed feedback about Grabilla MacOS X version!

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