Redaction dialog – brand new feature!

We have added ability to edit captured screenshot before uploading or saving.
You can add lines, squares, arrows, text labels, etc.

Grabilla Capture Reaction Dialog

Grabilla Capture Reaction Dialog – edit screenshot before upload.

Now you can add graphical elements or texts to your screenshot before uploading or saving it.

Please note: all edits will be merged with screenshot before upload or save. If you want to leave your capture intact, use online annotations.

Here’s explanation of redaction dialog buttons:

  1. Add transparent square to capture.
  2. Draw a straight line on capture.
  3. Draw an arrow on capture.
  4. Undo last edit. Repeatable.
  5. Upload captured and edited screenshot to server. All edits will be merged with picture before upload.
  6. Add filled square to your capture. Use this feature to protect personal or sensitive information. All edits will be merged with image before uploading, so there’s no way to restore your hidden information.
  7. Write text comments on your capture. Redaction dialog try to automatically limit volume of text, so it’s not get out of image.
  8. Pick a color of current element. It can be set per each element.
  9. Undo all edits – revert your screenshot to original state.
  10. Save captured screenshot locally without uploading. All edits will be merged into screenshot and cannot be removed after saving.
  11. Disable redaction dialog for future captures and only upload screenshots next time. Redaction dialog can be turned back on in preferences later.

Please check other platforms downloads

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