How to capture video of your desktop with voice.

How to capture video of your desktop with your voice comments.

You can capture video of your desktop activities with Grabilla – give it a try.

To capture video you need to check Video mode checkbox and after that Grabilla will capture video instead of static picture.

You need to select desired area for video capturing or you can capture screencast of entire desktop.

Grabilla will show you a dialogue where you can select video recording quality for capturing and switch on or off voice recording options.

Video capturing quality

For video recording quality choices are: Low Quality (~2 Mb/min), Normal quality (~5 Mb/min), or Custom framerate for capturing.

After selecting video quality, and pressing ✔ button you will see red blinking border around capturing area.

When you want to stop video capturing you had to click on this floating button in top right corner.

How to stop capturing video of my desktop?

Here’s sample video of this button in action.

After you press Stop button, you can decide what to do with this captured video – Upload to server for quick sharing with your friends, or just Save to file for later editing.

Capture video and upload to server OR Save to file

If you select Upload to server, progress bar will appear and you can watch your video uploading progress.

After upload finished, you will see the link to your uploaded video in new browser window.

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