Want to share video that you have saved locally? Where and how upload it?
You have captured some nice screencast, saved it locally, added voice comments, may be edited it and now you want to share prepared video with your friends. You need to upload your local video file to Grabilla now.

Video uploading and sharing can be done in two ways with Grabilla.

Upload video with Grabilla application

Share local video easily with Grabilla!
You can drag and drop your video file to Grabilla shortcut on your desktop.
It will be automatically upload to Grabilla.com website and you will get a link to share with friends or in social networks.
Depending on video file size your upload process can take up to minute, please be patient.

Upload video with Grabilla upload page

You can upload file with our Grabilla upload page, where you can upload any files.
You can upload not only videos, but any file types that you want to share.

Please check other platforms downloads

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