Good day.

We have launched Grabilla Market, where you can buy advanced features to Grabilla. Here’s features description:

Security geek

This is really useful feature if you want to be 100% sure that no one will see your screenshot without your approval. You can protect screenshot with password and give it only to those who need access. Each user has 10 free passwords protections. You can upgrade it to the second level and got unlimited number of passwords protections. Third level gives you access to the secure version of screenshot page served via HTTPS:// protocol.

First level: 10 password protected screenshots – free
Second level: unlimited password protected screenshots
Third level: SSL/HTTPS access to screenshots

Short URL

Short URL is useful when you want to tweet a link to your screenshot and want to save some space. It’s free for all users. If you are curious about your short URLs performance you can upgrade this feature to the second level and get short URL stats available for each screenshot. Third level gives you ability to create 4-letter short URLs. This feature will be available until all 4-letter combinations (36^4 = 1,679,616) will be exhausted. Then we will offer 5-letters combinations.

First level: short URL for screenshot page – free
Second level: statistics for short URL usage
Third level: 4 letters short URL


Well, sharing is most controversial feature. Current approach range from paid direct link to image with forbidden hotlinking to absolutely free direct link to image with the possibility to include this image on third-party sites (hotlinking). While we allow hotlinking of our images, we do not provide a direct link to image from the Grabilla application. User has to click Full-size image button on the image page. This is actually a first level of Sharing, and it’s free for all users.
Second level of sharing allows you to create “direct link” from a web page with the screenshot to image. When user creates “direct link” for screenshot, instead of the web page (.html) all visitors will see the screenshot (.png) only. This feature works per account basis, so after activating this feature you will see just images, not pages. Web page with the screenshot will be available at new web address (.htm), in case that you need to change title of screenshot, or like it on Facebook or anything else. This link will also appear on My Grabillas page for all directlinked images. You can also remove directlink on this .htm page.
This screen capture was created and uploaded with Grabilla: 2015-02-10 15:58:45
Third level of this feature will allow you unlimited hotlinking of screenshots. Right now, we have no intention to limit hotlining usage, but if our traffic usage will raise up, we may try to set a daily limit for user’s screenshots hotlinking traffic.

First level: direct link to the screenshot available on the screenshot page – free
Second level: link to the page becomes link to image
Third level: unlimited hotlinking for images