If you want to make screenshots and just save them locally, say for further editing, you can configure this in the configuration panel (presented at 1.15 version). You can save the screenshot and upload it later.

You can save captures locally or upload them automatically. Also you can define alternative actions for capturing.

Check on Save local copy of captured files checkbox.

Then set Default action to None (so image won’t be uploaded), and Copy to clipboard to None too (you can choose some other option if you wish).

Remember that when the image won’t be uploaded to our server, a link to internet image can’t be copied to clipboard, you can copy only local path to the image to clipboard.

You can upload local captured images with Drag-and-Drop upload feature later.

Grabillas are saved to c:\users\%username%\AppData\Local\Grabilla folder. You can copy this link and paste it into Windows Explorer.

Please check other platforms downloads

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