First let me show you simple yet powerful interface of Grabilla.

Captured with Grabilla Here’s description of elements:

  1. Zoomed overview of area around mouse pointer. It`s needed for accurate selection of screen.
  2. Full desktop capture button. Press it to take a screenshot of your entire screen. You can click it with Alt button on keyboard to open screenshot locally.
  3. Active window capture button. It captures your active application screen. You can click it with Alt button on keyboard to open screenshot locally.
  4. Settings. It will open configuration screen.
  5. Help and feedback button.
  6. Video mode. Check the checkbox to record a video after selection. You can select an area of screen or entire screen to record.

Usage of Grabilla is pretty simple.

  1. Launch it. You will see an interface like on picture above.
  2. Select area to capture. Press left mouse button, drag to select an area and release button.
  3. Your default browser will open with a screenshot uploaded to our server.

Here’s an example of taken screenshot:

Grabilla Sample Screenshot

Now let me share some usage tips.

How to pin a shortcut to taskbar in Windows 7.

Just locate shortcut of Grabilla in Start menu and drag it to taskbar.

Here`s very short video of doing this:

Add a Keyboard Shortcut Key to Program Shortcut

Add a Keyboard Shortcut Key

You can add a Keyboard Shortcut Key to Grabilla to launch it from keyboard.

  1. Find a shortcut in your Windows 7 Start menu. You may need to click on All Programs at bottom.
  2. Press right mouse button on shortcut and select Properties. Usually bottom item in drop-down menu.
  3. Click on a field named Shortcut Key and press G on keyboard (do not press Alt or Ctrl). Of course you can choose any other key that you find more suitable. You should see something like on picture.
  4. Press OK to close the window and apply settings.

Now you can launch Grabilla by simply pressing Alt+Ctrl+G on your keyboard. Of course if you choose another key on step 3 you had to press this key (with Alt and Ctrl) instead of G.

Please check other platforms downloads

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