Grabilla 1.19 release

We are happy to announce fresh Grabilla release – 1.19 with a lots of new features and few bugfixes.

Redaction dialogue – main new feature!

After capturing screenshot, you can add text, lines, blackout areas before uploading or saving.

Grabilla 1.19 changelog

2013-12-25 (ver 1.19) Download Grabilla Now!

  1. Image editing before upload. Now you can modify your capture before uploading or saving: you can add text labels, draw lines and arrows, place filled squares on capture to protect personal or sensitive information. Read more about screenshot editing here.
  2. Login using Facebook or Google+. You can login to your account right from application. This will ensure that all your captures will be stored in your My Grabillas account. Please use the same social account in application and on site to keep your history consistent (this is temporary requirement).
  3. Tray starter with hotkey definition. You can now launch Grabilla by clicking on a tray icon, or configure hotkeys for launching from configuration screen. And you can launch small useful menu by right mouse click on tray icon.
  4. Floating icon. This is a second option to launch Grabilla instantly. Floating button can be placed anywhere on your desktops and then you can use it for launching Grabilla by single click. Floating button has it’s menu too.Floating icon. This is second option to launch Grabilla instantly. Floating button can be placed anywhere on your desktop and then you can use it for launching Grabilla. Floating button has it’s menu too.
  5. Upload any file type. Now you can share any files with Grabilla, not just images and videos. You can upload file with Grabilla by dropping file on Grabilla shortcut on your desktop or in Start menu, or you can drag and drop a file on Grabilla floating icon. Alternatively files can be upload directly from our Upload page. To upload files you have to be logged in (we want to prevent spamming).
  6. “Send to Grabilla” Explorer option. You can add “Send to Grabilla” shortcut to Explorer context menu during install. Then you can click right mouse button on any file and upload it to Grabilla right from Windows Explorer. You must be logged in to upload files.
  7. Proxy support. Now Grabilla works through proxy. You can configure proxy settings in Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center.
  8. Fix renaming .wmv files with direct file upload. Small bugfix.
  9. Upload termination. Now you can terminate upload process by pressing Esc key or closing upload window.
  10. Confirmations. Now Grabilla asks confirmation when closing unsaved changes.

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