When you take screenshot with Grabilla, it will be automatically uploaded to our server.

So you will get a link to page with your taken screenshot. On this page you can see few useful links:

Top button Link to fullsize image or screenshot is a direct link to image. This is useful when you want to see just an image without page.

Screenshot sharing and embed codes. Embed screenshot into website or forum. Ready to use code.

Also there are three links that you can use for sharing your captured screenshot. You can click on field to copy any of these codes.

First is a link that you can send to your friends, insert in email, etc.

Second is a code to insert this image into your website or blog post. Remember to switch to HTML mode when inserting.

Third is a code for forum post. You can insert this code when you make a post on forum.

Please check other platforms downloads

Download Grabilla Screenshot For Windows Grabilla Screenshot Capture for Android Take screenshot on Mac with Grabilla Grabilla Screenshot for Google Chrome