To protect your screenshot, video or file from unauthorized access you can protect it with password.
Only those who know password can access it. To do this you must be owner of screenshot. You can post a link to screenshot on some members-only forums or send it to someone in e-mail or Skype and be sure that it won’t be accessed by strangers. Please note, people who know password can save or reshare your screenshot, so password can not guarantee 100% safety.

On screenshot page you can see the button Set Password – Protect your screenshot with password

Press this button and popup window will appear.
How to password protect your screenshot

Enter desired password and press Submit. Alert window with confirmation will appear.
Password saved

Now everybody who want to access this screenshot will be prompted to enter password.
To get access please enter password...

If you want to remove password protection from screenshot press Remove Password button – Remove password protection from screenshot

Actually any grabilla – screenshot, video, audio or file can be protected with password.

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