Currently we do not have such functionality.

Everything is changed now! You can delete your Grabillas when you want.

We are planning to add this ability to next version of our server along with user accounts and screenshots history.

And it’s here now! Please visit My Grabillas page, where you can find your capture and uploads history.

Use your account to delete Grabillas.

If you spoil some vital private information when taking screenshot please make sure that you follow this steps

      Do not share this image with anyone! Image name are very long and very hard to guess, so you can be absolutely sure that no one can find it by random guess.

      Do not press any social sharing buttons on this page. If you share this screenshot on FaceBook or Twitter, it’s public, period.

So download Grabilla now and enjoy simple and fast screen and video capturing and sharing.

Please check other platforms downloads

Download Grabilla Screenshot For Windows Grabilla Screenshot Capture for Android Take screenshot on Mac with Grabilla Grabilla Screenshot for Google Chrome