Download Grabilla and start capturing in seconds

Grabilla is wonderful capture application that allows you to make screenshots with just 2 clicks. You have to launch Grabilla, select area that you want to capture – and voila! Your screenshot will be automatically uploaded to our server and in a second you will get a link that you can share where you want. You do not need to configure anything!
Your captures history, embed codes, sharing buttons, deleting images from server also available.

And you can record video or capture animated gifs too!

Download Windows version

Download Grabilla Capture for Windows

Download Android version

Grabilla Capture for Android

Download MacOS X version

Take screenshot on Mac with Grabilla

Download iOS version for iPhone and iPad

Share screenshot on iPhone with Grabilla

Google Chrome extensions download

My Grabillas Web App

My Grabillas Chrome panel

My Grabillas panel version

My Grabillas Chrome panel

Screen Capture for Chrome

Screen Capture Chrome extension

Firefox addon download

Screen Capture Firefox add-on