Good day.

We are happy to announce Grabilla Market release. We have got some premium features for sale.

This release do not affect your daily Grabilla usage. You can make screenshots, share them and access your captures history as usual.

We have added some premium features for users that want to extend basic Grabilla functionality. All features are last for 1 year. There’s no recurring payments, so you will not be billed automatically.

Features are available per account.

First set of features include password protection of screenshots, short URL and sharing.
Each feature has three levels that can be bought separately. First level is free for all. Second and third is advanced or unlimited versions.
We plan to extend Grabilla Market with new features later, so stay tuned.

Features list and descriptions

To read detailed descriptions of features please follow this link.

Where’s PRO account?

Actually we thought about some “pro” or “advanced” account, but after careful consideration we decided that this is not very useful for users. With each feature sold separately user can choose only those features that he need.