Good day.
Select tag to see associated screenshots or enter some text to filter tags

We have just released long awaited feature – tags for grabillas!

They can be accessed by visiting My Grabillas page – in right column you will see new block with your tags. Any grabilla can be tagged by dragging and dropping it on tags in right block! You will see confirmation message for this action.

  • You can collapse this block by clicking on it’s title.
  • You can select tag to see all grabillas (screenshots, videos, files) that are tagged with this tag.
  • When you select tag this block will change – it will show only tags that are used with selected tag. When clicking on this tags you will see only grabillas with these two tags.
  • You can filter or search for tags with text input field – try to enter few letters here to see.
  • You can click on any tag and you will see single tag page where you can find all grabillas with this tag.
  • You can edit tags on each grabilla page – tags field is right under description field. Separate tags with commas.
  • You can add 4 tags maximum to single grabilla.

We have also got separate tags page where you can see all your tags.

Feel free to provide your feedback – we are happy to hear from our users.