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My Grabillas problem solved
Problem resolved.
Check out year-end discount! 50% off till January 7!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We want to give our users something useful for holidays, so we added new features to our Grabilla Features Market and make a huge discount. Right now you can buy any advanced feature with 50% off! This discounts will last till January 7, 2015. ...more»
RefreshTrayIcons.exe – virus or not?
Good day. Recently we have got an alert about virus warning in Grabilla installer package from some antivirus software. File RefreshTrayIcons.exe seems infected with some trojan virus Gen:Trojan.Heur2.FU.aqX@aK6Dh4g. But really it's NOT - read explanation below. This is False Positive. Please check this Virus Total report. This file is checked with 53 different antiviruses, and as you can see there are only 7/53 ...more»
Grabilla infrastructure
Good day. If you are interested in Grabilla infrastructure here's some information for you. Domain: domain is registered and maintained at GoDaddy. Nameservers: we use GoDaddy nameservers, and Hosting: main server is hosted at Linode. Balancers: we use Linode load balancers. Database: NetODB. Code: PHP for server, jQuery and Bootstrap for web part, Qt for desktop application. ...more»
Upload file size limits increased
Good day. We have just raised upload limits for all file types. New file upload limits is: Audio - 64 Mb, Image - 32 Mb, Video - 512 Mb, Web capture - 8 Mb, Other file type - 64 Mb. ...more»
Market features descriptions
Good day. We have launched Grabilla Market, where you can buy advanced features to Grabilla. Here's features description: Security geek This is really useful feature if you want to be 100% sure that no one will see your screenshot without your approval. You can protect screenshot with password and give it only to those who need access. Each user has 10 free passwords ...more»
Show Your Support
Grabilla is absolutely free screenshot application. If you like Grabilla you can show your support by doing few simple actions. They do not require more than 1 minute of your time, but we will be very grateful to you! (Download Grabilla) 1. Click on these buttons - all of them or just one Tweet 2. Follow us on social networks Tweets by @GrabillaScreen Please check ...more»
Screenshots – social networks and privacy concerns
Good day. On My Grabillas page you can login to your account with social networks. Sometime people do not want to do so, because they are worried about privacy of their screenshots. They do not want to inform social networks about what they capture, or they do not want to make their screenshots public. We want to clarify our accounts and social networks ...more»
Grabilla Business – Your Own Private Screenshot and Screencast Server and Application
Ever wanted your own private screenshot or screencast application and server? It definitely may be useful when you do not want your company’s staff to upload screenshots to the public internet, especially when you want to run it in your local network without internet access. Not only is it convenient for your company, but the service is also good for screenshots ...more»
IPv6 support on Grabilla
Recently we have added IPv6 support to Grabilla server. You don't need to prepare anything for IPv6; your applications and devices will work just as they did before. This change is to make sure you can keep using Grabilla in the future just as you do today. You can read more about IPv6 and why it's important on Google's site dedicated to ...more»
Download this screenshot application – free
Download Grabilla and start capturing in seconds Grabilla is wonderful capture application that allows you to make screenshots with just 2 clicks. You have to launch Grabilla, select area that you want to capture - and voila! Your screenshot will be automatically uploaded to our server and in a second you will get a link that you can share where you ...more»
Upcoming release 1.20 sneak preview
Good day. We are testing and finalizing fresh version of Grabilla right now. You can take a look at Redaction dialog that we added to Grabilla 1.19. It brings ability to edit screenshots before uploading... Stay tuned. Release is coming. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
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Big change to Grabilla
Good day. Today we have made a big change in Grabilla functionality. Now after taking a screenshot you will see simple web page instead of image. This allow us to add social sharing buttons, links to embed picture and comments. If you want to see your image in original size - just click on it. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions. Please check other ...more»
Grabilla Google+ Fan Page
Subscribe to our Google+ fan page. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
1. Run Grabilla
How to take a screenshot or record a screencast in one click? You don''t have to use complicated software or upload your files somewhere, just run this simple windows program to take a screenshot with single click and share it with friends. Simple as 1-2-3. P.S. You can record a screencast video too! Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
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