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Check out year-end discount! 50% off till January 7!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We want to give our users something useful for holidays, so we added new features to our Grabilla Features Market and make a huge discount. Right now you can buy any advanced feature with 50% off! This discounts will last till January 7, 2015. ...more»
Screenshot tagging and filtering
Good day. We have just released long awaited feature - tags for grabillas! They can be accessed by visiting My Grabillas page - in right column you will see new block with your tags. Any grabilla can be tagged by dragging and dropping it on tags in right block! You will see confirmation message for this action. You can collapse this ...more»
Upload file size limits increased
Good day. We have just raised upload limits for all file types. New file upload limits is: Audio - 64 Mb, Image - 32 Mb, Video - 512 Mb, Web capture - 8 Mb, Other file type - 64 Mb. ...more»
Market features descriptions
Good day. We have launched Grabilla Market, where you can buy advanced features to Grabilla. Here's features description: Security geek This is really useful feature if you want to be 100% sure that no one will see your screenshot without your approval. You can protect screenshot with password and give it only to those who need access. Each user has 10 free passwords ...more»
Scroll screen capture
Good day. We want to introduce new feature in Grabilla - scrolling window capture. It allows to capture scrolling in any window like Excel, Skype, browser, etc. and create long screenshot with all captured information. How it works You have to launch Grabilla, select Scroll Capture in Grabilla selector, select area to capture and press Start. Then you can scroll window under selected area ...more»
Show Your Support
Grabilla is absolutely free screenshot application. If you like Grabilla you can show your support by doing few simple actions. They do not require more than 1 minute of your time, but we will be very grateful to you! (Download Grabilla) 1. Click on these buttons - all of them or just one Tweet 2. Follow us on social networks Tweets by @GrabillaScreen Please check ...more»
Screenshots – social networks and privacy concerns
Good day. On My Grabillas page you can login to your account with social networks. Sometime people do not want to do so, because they are worried about privacy of their screenshots. They do not want to inform social networks about what they capture, or they do not want to make their screenshots public. We want to clarify our accounts and social networks ...more»
Grabilla capture redaction dialog
Redaction dialog - brand new feature! We have added ability to edit captured screenshot before uploading or saving. You can add lines, squares, arrows, text labels, etc. Grabilla Capture Reaction Dialog - edit screenshot before upload. Now you can add graphical elements or texts to your screenshot before uploading or saving it. Please note: all edits will be merged with screenshot before upload or ...more»
Upload limit raised to 20 Mb
Good day. We have raised upload limit from 5Mb to 20Mb. Now you can upload and share much bigger files and archives instantly. Video upload still limited to 300Mb per file. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
How to find your captures history
Your screenshot and screencast captures history. Where's my grabillas? If you are looking for your captures history - follow this link That's all. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
What is the history of Grabilla development?
You can check change log and release version history here. We have added a lot of features over the time. So download Grabilla now and enjoy simple and fast screen and video capturing and sharing. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
Upload image to internet with Grabilla.
If you want to share some picture with your friends or want to take a screenshot of image on your PC, you can do this with one mouse click. Simply drag and drop picture file on Grabilla schortcut... It will be uploaded to our server automatically and you instanедн get link for sharing. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
Video Howto: Use Grabilla to take a screenshot with single click.
Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
Grabilla manual and how-to take a screenshot.
First let me show you simple yet powerful interface of Grabilla.  Here's description of elements: Zoomed overview of area around mouse pointer. It`s needed for accurate selection of screen. Full desktop capture button. Press it to take a screenshot of your entire screen. You can click it with Alt button on keyboard to open screenshot locally. Active window capture button. It captures your active ...more»