Ever wanted your own private screenshot or screencast application and server?

It definitely may be useful when you do not want your company’s staff to upload screenshots to the public internet, especially when you want to run it in your local network without internet access. Not only is it convenient for your company, but the service is also good for screenshots that contain private and sensitive information that should not be shared.

Ever feel tired of social features, social buttons, popups, banners, and other slow working scripts?

The time is now!

Grabilla Businessprivate screenshot application and server; branded for your company, running on your own cloud hosting or internal server just for you.

What’s included?

  1. Screenshot capture and upload software – single click capture for screenshots, upload it to server and get the link to share.
  2. Server side software to receive screenshots, provides access to stored screenshots and screenshot history for users.
  3. Ability to annotate screenshots right on the webpage: add comments, notices, etc.
  4. Desktop video capture software with voice recording. Sometime still images are not enough to communicate with others.
  5. Animated gifs capture. Capture animated gifs through the application, as well.
  6. Both the application and web-service can be branded according to your needs and integrated with your project management software on request.
  7. Simple and easy-to-use application without an installer. Each user can immediately launch the application, select the area they wish to screenshot, and get it uploaded to your server. No more long explanations on “how to capture screenshots” for each customer!

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