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Grabilla 1.25
Grabilla - instant screenshot free software. Grabilla 1.25 release Friday 13 - bugfix and libraries refresh version. Grabilla 1.25 changelog 2015-11-13 (ver 1.25) Download Grabilla Now! * Fixed login with Facebook and Google+. * Fixed animated GIF occasional crash. * Qt libs updated to 5.5.1 version, improves Windows 10 stability. * Minor fixes for stability. * Signed installer and executable files with certificate. Grabilla 1.25 changelog * Fixed login with ...more»
Grabilla 1.24.1
Qt 5 + Windows 10 + ffmpeg N-75746-g84b4998 Grabilla 1.24.1 changelog 2015-10-19 (ver 1.24.1) Download Grabilla 1.24.1 Now! * Fixed hotkey launch from tray. * Fixed bug when your edits was lost when saving screenshot locally. Grabilla 1.24 changelog 2015-10-02 (ver 1.24) + Windows 10 compatibility. + Migration from Qt 4 to Qt 5. ! Video encoding with ffmpeg to H.264. WMV format support dropped. * Scroll capture fixes. * Remote desktop ...more»
Upcoming release announce – mp4 video codec and Win 10 compatibility
We are happy to inform that upcoming release is almost ready. We have done a lots of improvement and bug fixes for upcoming 24 version.
Grabilla infrastructure
Good day. If you are interested in Grabilla infrastructure here's some information for you. Domain: domain is registered and maintained at GoDaddy. Nameservers: we use GoDaddy nameservers, and Hosting: main server is hosted at Linode. Balancers: we use Linode load balancers. Database: NetODB. Code: PHP for server, jQuery and Bootstrap for web part, Qt for desktop application. ...more»