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Grabilla 1.25
Grabilla - instant screenshot free software. Grabilla 1.25 release Friday 13 - bugfix and libraries refresh version. Grabilla 1.25 changelog 2015-11-13 (ver 1.25) Download Grabilla Now! * Fixed login with Facebook and Google+. * Fixed animated GIF occasional crash. * Qt libs updated to 5.5.1 version, improves Windows 10 stability. * Minor fixes for stability. * Signed installer and executable files with certificate. Grabilla 1.25 changelog * Fixed login with ...more»
Show Your Support
Grabilla is absolutely free screenshot application. If you like Grabilla you can show your support by doing few simple actions. They do not require more than 1 minute of your time, but we will be very grateful to you! (Download Grabilla) 1. Click on these buttons - all of them or just one Tweet 2. Follow us on social networks Tweets by @GrabillaScreen Please check ...more»
Screenshots – social networks and privacy concerns
Good day. On My Grabillas page you can login to your account with social networks.¬†Sometime people do not want to do so, because they are worried about privacy of their screenshots. They do not want to inform social networks about what they capture, or they do not want to make their screenshots public. We want to clarify our accounts and social networks ...more»
My Grabillas Google Chrome Extension
We are happy to announce a little release that we have made recently. Faster access to your captures history - My Grabillas. Now you can access it in a seconds with Google Chrome extension. If you are using Google Chrome web browser you can install this little app from this link: Check out Google Chrome extension for My Grabillas. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»
Grabilla Google+ Fan Page
Subscribe to our Google+ fan page. Please check other platforms downloads ...more»