Good day.

Recently we have got an alert about virus warning in Grabilla installer package from some antivirus software. File RefreshTrayIcons.exe seems infected with some trojan virus Gen:Trojan.Heur2.FU.aqX@aK6Dh4g. But really it’s NOT – read explanation below.

This is False Positive. Please check this Virus Total report.

This file is checked with 53 different antiviruses, and as you can see there are only 7/53 alerts, and affected antivirus software are not among top 10 antiviruses.
We have reported this issue to antivirus vendors and hope to get this issue resolved soon.

What is RefreshTrayIcons.exe?

This is a little app (just 8 kb), that refreshes tray icons area near the clock in toolbar. We use it to ensure that Grabilla icon appears in tray after installation (if you select this option in installer).

What to do with RefreshTrayIcons.exe?

You can safely ignore this warning, or if antivirus alert bothers you, delete this file.
It’s located in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Grabilla – paste this address in explorer window, locate RefreshTrayIcons.exe and delete it.